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Generosity:To dedicatetime and personal involvement in order to contribute to recognition and develop each person's potential. To maintain individual aims of growth with altruism, faith, and a sense of participation.

Achievement: To finalize one's actions towards the results, maintaining a high level of involvementtoward their attainment. Working concretely and efficiently; aiming to form goals of excellence.

Example: To be a believable and trustworthy point of reference -- i.e., a model to follow. To be able to offer suggestions and to demonstrate how to learn from experience. Being an example has to do with the congruency between "message" and "messenger."

Summary of the Model

The overall Fiat leadership model may be summarized in the following diagram, which illustrates the relationships between a manager's core professional competence, the four leadership actions, the eight core leadership qualities and the organizational outcomes which they produce.


IMAGE imgs/SFM_Article04.gif



Components of the New Fiat Leadership Model

When combined with critical success factors necessary to create and support effective start-ups, the Fiat leadership model offers a powerful resource for helping Fiat to complete the transformation necessary to grow and prosper in the new economy.

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