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About the Authors

Robert Dilts has had a global reputation as a leading behavioral skills trainer and business consultant since the 1970s. Past clients and sponsors have included Fiat Corporation, Telecom Italia, IBM Europe, Apple Computer, Hewlett-Packard, The World Bank, Alitalia and Ernst & Young. He is currently an associate professor at the Fiat School of Management and project leader for leadership development of Fiat senior managers in the USA.
Robert is a developer of and an expert in the principles and techniques at the basis of the Success Factor Modeling
TMprocess, and has authored numerous books and articles about how they may be applied to enhance leadership, creativity, communication and team development.
A co-founder of Dilts Strategy Group, LLC, Robert was also CEO of Behavioral Engineering, a company that developed computer software and hardware applications emphasizing behavioral change.
Robert has a degree in Behavioral Technology from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

John Dilts is an experienced consultant for emerging growth technology companies, with extensive experience in business practice coaching. Formerly of Venture Law Group and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, which are among the country's leading corporate law firms focusing on the representation of start-ups seeking venture capital financing, John was intimately involved with the development of numerous technology start-ups.
A co-founder of Dilts Strategy Group, LLC, John was also a co-founder and managing member of the IPF Fund, LLC, an early stage angel fund. John is also a member of several Silicon Valley angel investor groups including the Angels Breakfast Club (of which he is a co-founder), North Bay Angels and Springboard Angels.
John serves on the Board of Directors of numerous technology companies --including StreamTheory.com, DoOnGo.com, UrbanDesign.com, Winbrook, Inc., Glomato.com and JustCollectorCars.com--assisting with market focus, strategic alliances and fundraising. John earned a law degree from the University of San Francisco and a BA from the University of California.

The authors apply the proprietary Success Factor ModelingTMprocess through their consulting company, Dilts Strategy Group, and their investment fund, Dilts Technology Fund. The mission of the Dilts Strategy Group, LLC is to bring together proven business criteria with strategic knowledge, through the Success Factor ModelingTMprocess to support companies' growth and development on many levels. With the dawn of the Internet revolution and the continuing globalization of business, such proven strategies have become essential in order for organizations to survive and succeed in making the transition to the new business paradigm. DSG's services include: modeling, training, consulting, coaching and hosting seminars and conferences in the application of the Success Factor ModelingTMprocess to groups and organizations throughout the world. Upcoming seminars on Success Factor ModelingTMare currently scheduled in Guadalajara, Mexico (August 20-22, 2000), Buenos Aires, Argentina (November 17-19, 2000), London, England (March 5-7, 2001) and San Francisco (April, 2001).

Dilts Capital Partners, LLC manages private equity venture funds focused on investing in emerging growth technology companies with a global focus. In addition to providing funding, the principals of Dilts Capital Partners become intimately involved in the Fund's portfolio companies by offering strategic advice at the Board level as well as implementing their Success Factor ModelingTMprocess through extensive coaching and mentoring. This proprietary process involves the transfer of skillsets identified in successful entrepreneurs and their core teams to portfolio companies in order to reduce risk and to enhance the company's potential for successful expansive growth and development.

Dilts Capital Partners' $50-75 million venture fund, Dilts Technology Fund, LP, is being launched in the Fall of 2000, along with a smaller $2 Million angel fund, Dilts Strategic Fund, LLC, which will invest in very early stage opportunities.

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